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The testimonies are inserted to our computerized database just as they were originally written, without editing and with minimal corrections of grammar and spelling mistakes. The testimonies are based on personal memories that may vary from the historical facts but we choose not to correct these mistakes (at most the staff of “Bintivey Ha’apala” we add a remark about the accuracy of the fact) in order to preserve the Ma’apil’s authentic voice.

For the moment the personal information in the database includes biographical information about the Ma’apil or activist and digital media such as pictures, films and documents. The texts and written testimonies are currently available only in the information center in Atlit. Selected testimonies are presented to the visitors in the Atlit Detention Camp.

The subject covered by our database is vast and complicated and partial information might cause inaccuracies. Updating the information might take awhile. We ask your patience and understanding.

Please contact us before your visit to Atlit Detention Camp so we could make sure that your or your relatives details are already updated.

Bintivey Ha’apala Information Center

“Bintivey Ha’apala” – Clandestine Jewish Immigration Information and research Center, was born in 1987 with the establishment of the national site of Atlit Detention Camp.
Many former detainees and Ha’apala activists arrived in the newly restored camp to give a testimony about their journey and activities. The camp’s staff collected the testimonies that were digitalized and became available on an internal computer system in 2001.

The information Center’s mission is to document the personal story of each and every Ma’apil, whether they came by sea, overland or by air, whether they were captured by the British or not. The period documented in the Information Center is the whole British Mandate period – from the early 1920’s until the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

The Information Center aspires to record the information about the Ma’apilim and the activists as accurately and as thoroughly as possible, according to the information given to us by the Ma’apilim themselves, their families and the records we find in various archives.

Information Center and Research

Telephone: 04-9542218
Mail: atlitcenter@gmail.com
Information Center Manager: Rina Offenbach
Information professional: Yael Kaufman
Researcher: Haviva Ziv

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