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Atlit Detention Camp

The camp interned illegal Jewish immigrants (Ma’apilim) between the years 1940-1948 who were captured by the British after engaging in a struggle with them while attempting to immigrate to Palestine by sea, land, and air. Imprisoned at the camp were also Jewish activists, Irgun and Lehi fighters of the Yishuv, who fought against British rule and Jewish officials arrested by the British in the incident known as the “Black Sabbath” in June 1946.

Opening Hours

Sun-Thu 9:00-17:00, Fri 9:00-13:00

Please coordinate a visit by e-mail or phone:   04-9842913,  04-9841980

A museum guide is required for main exhibits

Included in the tour

  • A guided tour takes you through the camp to original and reconstructed buildings, between the barbed wire fences and watchtowers and entrance into the disinfection building and the barracks.
  • viewing of a short film depicting the Palmach break in to the camp and rescue of its detainees that took place in October 1945,
  • “The Route of Haapala” barrack, where you can see and use the on-line database containing the names of over 110,000 illegal immigrants, volunteers and most of the 140 ships on which they sailed. The data base includes comprehensive information, personal stories, newsreels and more relating to the period of illegal immigration during the British Mandate period in Palestine.
  • Visitors will have a chance to board the ship “Galina”, an exciting experience, which provides a visual image of the voyage at sea made by Jewish immigrants and holocaust survivors as they made their difficult journey, through the hardships of a sea voyage, grasping tight to the hope of immigration to Eretz Israel.

The Camp has tours for all ages, however most tours are suggested for visitors over the age of 9. So tell us who will be attending in your group so we can best prepare for your tour.

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